Sevoflurane USP

Sevoflurane USP

उत्पाद विवरण:

  • भौतिक रूप

मूल्य और मात्रा

  • 100

उत्पाद की विशेषताएं

व्यापार सूचना

  • प्रति सप्ताह
  • दिन

उत्पाद विवरण

Inhalation Anesthetic 250 ml is indicated for induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia in adult and pediatric patients for inpatient and outpatient surgery.Sevoflurane should be administered only by persons trained in the administration of general anesthesia. Facilities for maintenance of a patentairway, artificial ventilation, oxygen enrichment, and circulatory resuscitation must be immediately available. Since level of anesthesia may be altered rapidly, only vaporizers producing predictable concentrations of sevoflurane should be used.

There are many generic manufacturers in India who manufacture Sevoflurane 250 ml including Baxter india Pvt Ltd etc.

Specifications of Sevoflurane USP :

  • Brand : Sevoflurane
  • Manufacturer : Baxtor
  • Packaging Type : Plastic bottle
  • Packaging Size : 250ml
  • Storage : 20-25 DegreeC
  • Uses : General anesthesia during surgical procedures
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